Regulatory qualification

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is a financial regulator established under the Australian Government. Its regulatory system has traditionally been considered one of the more stringent and sound financial regulators in the world. As a fast-growing foreign exchange brokerage trader, AISA strictly follows the regulatory requirements of ASIC in management and information disclosure, and highly guarantees the financial security of investors.

Lecture support

With AISA's brand influence across the country, it is a tour of various cities to enhance the stickiness between agents and investors.

Agent training support

As a rapidly emerging forex broker in the industry, agents and customers will receive relevant product learning materials on a regular basis, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, software use, and risk control. At the same time, we will send a professional foreign exchange analyst to provide staff training for the agent, the company's business transformation guidance, and regularly open the foreign exchange salon to enhance the professional level of the agent.

Offline activity support

We will launch a live video of the multimedia interactive website, which will continue to provide customers with continuous delivery, including news data broadcast, market review analysis and outlook, real-time market analysis and other sections. At the same time, it provides text services such as financial calendar, instant news information, trading strategy, and learning library.

Strategy analysis support

We work with third-party technical analysis companies and provide objective technical analysis reports to our clients on a regular basis to help agents and clients capture global investment opportunities.

  Technical Support  

High energy server

AISA has invested heavily in sourcing and deploying high-performance Dell servers, so that the hard processing power of orders is not subject to bottlenecks.

Safe and low latency data center

In-depth strategic cooperation with the data center Equnix, which has a good reputation in the industry, to achieve stable server operation and protect customers' transactions. The processing performance is improved by 120% and the stability rate is up to 99.999%.

Exclusive network line

Strategic cooperation with Telstra, exclusive proprietary network, and a master-slave and dual-line, to create a good trading environment, even in the event of force majeure, to help customers reduce transaction losses.

Direct access to large liquidity providers

AISA gives MetaTrader (MT4) users direct access to 18 major currency center banks and the world's largest liquidity venues, offering more than 40 global currency pairs as well as precious metals, energy and CFD products. Get instant, low-cost, straight-through processing system (STP) orders with excellent spreads.

Powerful MT4 trading platform

AISA's MT4 platform features charts with more than 30 metrics for fast, smooth performance, compatibility with most major browsers and devices, and works with any firewall. As a quick response platform, traders can get quotes, news, account history and transaction logs in real time. In addition, our powerful MT4 platform also supports Expert Advisors, allowing customers to enjoy the intelligent trading experience.

Simple and efficient customer relationship management system CRM

IB and customers can easily contact their dedicated account managers through the email and SMS system that is connected to the platform, collect margin for key activities and set up automated notifications for marketing activities to facilitate deposits and customer conversions. At the same time, you can track your customer's trading performance, view its trading history, and provide a reference for your trading.

Foreign exchange documentary trading community

The AISA foreign exchange trading community can help ordinary investors to trade in the international foreign exchange market like a trading master. Through interaction with other investors, they can find masters and trade orders, making it easier for agents to acquire new customers. The long-term steady investment of ordinary investors promotes the increase in trading volume.