Social Copy Trading

Copy Trading feature is offered by AISA International as a truly third-party forex documentary Tool for ordinary investors.

For followers

No need to master professional Forex trading knowledge, just find and follow a trader master and their signals. You can then easily achieve the profit of the trading portfolio.

For Master Traders

Become a trading guru with a single community and make money with tens of thousands of friends while making a profit, not only to enjoy the additional benefits provided by the community, but also to gain lofty community prestige.

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  EA Intelligence Trading  

Compared to manual trading, EA Intelligent Trading is not controlled by artificial trading emotions, and the analysis speed is much greater than human beings that contain higher profitability and risk control ability. Trading system will observed the market in 24 hours, no need to manually stay up late to stare, labor-saving and worry. AISA provides all customers with high-quality EA programmed trading software, including concussion EA, trending EA, intraday short-term EA, and intelligent EA Program tailored to your trading strategy to add to your trading!

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  Get the “Million Dollars”  

Win a Luxury Car
Along with the Dollars

During the event, users who have opened an account for deposits will be entitled for the pool of prizes of million dollars. In addition, AISA will be organising variety of attractive activities occasionally for both new and loyal users of our platform.