Risk Warning  

AISA hereby declares that as a regular dealer, we only provide a pure and high quality trading environment. For example: Provide a low-cost trading environment, investor education resources, analysts live studios, CRM management systems, and agency support programs. In addition, all agents are individuals. For example: fund-raising, agency operations, custody, and fully-automated EA software are all agents' advantages and have nothing to do with this platform.  AISA will not cooperate with any affiliate financial institutions and will never allow employees and agents to operate the customer's account. All AISA customers are required to operate their own trading accounts on their own, and do not hand over their accounts to others. If the customer insists on handing over the user name and password of his trading account to others, AISA will treat the customer as his own transaction, and any losses incurred by the customer's account will be borne by the customer himself. If the customer chooses EA to execute orders and order transactions, please ensure that the settings are correct, AISA does not provide any EA procedures, and it cannot determine the profit and loss characteristics of each EA in the market. If you use the Expert Advisor to execute orders, please use your own EA and Parameter settings are responsible.  Once again, there must be risks in the investment. Please carefully consider the investment objectives, risks and costs before investing again. If customers do not understand the foreign exchange market and how to trade, it is recommended that customers use a demo account to conduct transactions.

  •  Personal privacy protection
  • Although Internet information dissemination may conflict with local laws in certain regions, users should understand that the information contained on the AISA website is not issued to any particular country, nor is it directed to a special member of the public or a company located in a particular country. AISA currency market fully respects personal privacy. AISA guarantees that any personal information collected through AISA's website, including user identity, address, date of birth, telephone number and other personal information related to the user, will be kept by AISA and will not be exchanged without the user's prior consent. Sold or presented to any third party.
  •  High-risk investment
  • Foreign exchange and CFD trading are high risk margin trading and apply only to individuals and institutional investors who are able to bear the risk of loss. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, investment experience, financial status, and risk tolerance before trading AISA's foreign exchange and other products. If you can not afford to lose, please do not rush to invest.  The content of this website is for traders' reference only, traders need to make their own independent investment decisions.
  •  Security Deposit trading
  • Security Deposit trading is a "leveraged" type of transaction involving potential profits, but also the risk of loss. Relative to the value of foreign exchange contracts, the margin is only a small part, but the smaller market changes will have a greater impact on the funds you deposit or the funds you are about to deposit, so the existence of leveraged transactions will cause you to lose Or all initial deposit possibilities. Therefore, make appropriate investments based on your risk tolerance.
  •  Internet trading
  • Network trading systems carry certain risks. These risks include, but are not limited to, Internet system failures, software and hardware failures, network connection failures, and other force majeure factors. Since AISA cannot control the reception or routing of signal sources and sources via the Internet, the reliability of your device or connection is controlled. Therefore, AISA will not cause communication failures, distortions, or trade-offs when trading via the Internet. Delay in taking responsibility. Although AISA adopts a backup system and responds to emergency plans to reduce the possibility of system failure, the risks of conducting transactions over the Internet cannot be completely ruled out.
  •  Market information and opinions
  • AISA makes every effort to ensure that the information it provides on the website or elsewhere is accurate and new. However, any comment, news, research, analysis, price, and other information published on this website can only be regarded as general market information. Limits for reference purposes do not constitute investment advice. AISA shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including but not limited to any loss of profit) resulting from direct or indirect use or reliance on such data. AISA shall not be liable for any consequences arising from the use of such information or opinions by parties, or delayed information, inaccuracies, errors or omissions in making trading decisions, taking or not taking transactional actions.
  •  Risk management
  • The platform uses the ECN/STP trading environment, in which the ECN trading environment is used to bid for the liquidity of 20 banks. The currencies of various countries are subject to highly volatile bid and ask prices. In particular, during periods of high market liquidity, they often see large fluctuations. . In the period when the market liquidity is insufficient (for example, when the time zone between North America and Oceania is interchanged at six in the morning), the widening of spreads or the sliding of transaction prices are all market normal conditions. Traders are required to pay more attention. In the early morning of Beijing, the gold trade stopped at five to six o'clock, avoiding jumping or jumping over when time zones were alternated. 

    When a trader locks a position, pay special attention to the following risks and make corresponding risk control measures: 

    First, the retention fee is calculated on a daily basis, which will consume the net value. 

    Second, in periods of poor liquidity, spreads widened and the cost of transaction bills naturally increased, leading to a deepening of losses. 

    After the trader measures the above risks, he or she should protect the accounts with low net worth of positions and protect the account or plan to release the order as soon as possible.