Learning Foreign Exchange with Zero-based, You’re Only an AISA Away from the Trading Master

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    To create an incomparable and advanced trading environment, AISA has provided multi technology support collaborated with EQUNIX, which is a top notch data server to not only improve our performance by 120%, but also to stabilize our server up to 99.999%.

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    AISA works in full frequency with a highly-trained customer support team who on call 24-hour online and professional one-to-one customer manager service. Also participate actively in tour exhibitions across the country, offline seminars and live stream sharing regards trading experience.

  • Awards

    AISA has gloriously won the Best Recommended Business Award in Financial derivatives industry (2017), Annual Excellent Customer Service Award (2017) and the Best Customer Satisfaction Broker of the Year (2016).


40+ Forex Currency Pairs

As a global trade, Forex has the huge volume of transactions keeps the market price free from the manipulation of a bank or institution. The currencies of various countries are subject to rising and falling as a result of policy changes. The trading environment is open and transparent. AISA offers the world's eight major currencies including : USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY, CAD, CHF, NZD ) in more than 40 currency pairs.

24 hours trading, 400 times leverage, low floating spread

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Contract for difference (CFD)

The benefit of CFD trading is that customers trade on margin, and only a small portion of the transaction amount is used as a margin to participate in the market, control your portfolio, and seize trading opportunities. The index is the most popular trading symbol in CFD trading. Aisa offers indices from around the world including the Australian 200 index, the British FTSE 100 index, the US S&P Index and the US Dow Jones Index, the Nikkei Index, the Hang Send Index and so on.

Flexible leverage, long and short two-way trading. Trade in accurate and transparent quotation

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Gold and silver has its own savings value, at the same time it is also consider as safe asset. Can be treated as investment duo, against inflation or other uncertain market risk. Crude Oil is mainly affected by political and supply factors, so the market trent is much more easier to control, considering a better value-added preservation tools. AISA provides gold, silver and precious metals with another two kind of crude oil which is XTIUSD & XBRUSD trade that is secure in trading market.

Value-added preservation tools; continuous trading time, high flow and low spread

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 MetaTrade 4 

MT4 is a market quotation receiving software provided by MetaQuotes. A worldwide online forex trading terminals widely welcomed by investors.

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